Political Election Campaign

At ELECTIONWIN, we are in the business of gathering accurate information and analyzing it to come up with valuable insights and trends. Using innovative and cutting edge tools and practices, we foster ideas to identify strategies which help create a wave of popularity in client’s favour. Our leading team of IIT and IIM graduates manages political, social and economic research work obtained from the field.
We have served more than 1000 clients in Uttaranchal, Punjab and U.P. assembly elections. Our current projects are in Meghalaya, Haryana, Karnataka, Delhi and Jharkhand.

Our Offerings

  1. Door-to-door survey for collecting contact information of voters
  2. Door-to-door mass campaigning- bills, letters and appeals
  3. Bulk SMS to spread message faster and efficiently
  4. Appeal through voice call
  5. Bulk calling or temporary call centre
  6. War Room- dedicated team of experts to track media and strategise campaign
  7. Tracking opinion poll and conducting surveys on day to day basis till voting date
  8. Training and mobilization of party workers
  9. Social digital media and e-Campaign management

Your Benefits

  • Compiled and validated contact information of voters for better reach and extent
  • Day to day strategies based on validated data for better campaigning
  • We manage social media to take feedback from voters and promotions on internet
  • Calling and SMS to reach mass voters during last days before voting
  • Candidate’s publicity in every household of the constituency